Sedation Dentistry And How It Works

Learn More On Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry has been around as long as dental services have—it is a method of keeping patients comfortable and relaxed during common, everyday dental treatments.

The American Dental Association defines sedation as “the use of medication to control fear, anxiety and panic prior to or during a medical procedure.” Sedative drugs help a patient stay calm and relaxed throughout his or her appointment—no matter the type of work being done.

There are different types of sedation methods used today: nitrous oxide (a safe gas with mild effects), oral conscious sedation with prescribed medications, intravenous conscious sedation with prescribed medications administered by an IV in the arm, laughing gas (another option offers pain relief for simple procedures), and sleep dentistry. The dentist will choose which type of sedation is best for each patient’s procedure, based on the patient’s needs and the dental team recommendations.

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Inspect Your Teeth For Visible Damage

During a sedation dentistry visit, the dentist will inspect your teeth for visible damage. Any signs of infection, decay or cracks are treated with restorative dental work to prevent further complications.

If you have any ongoing medical conditions, your dentist may prescribe you medication before the procedure begins. Sedation dentistry makes it possible to complete several procedures at once so medications can speed up healing time while treating any problems in the process.

X-rays taken during a sedation dentistry appointment help the dentist assess for more advanced problems such as cysts and tumors.

Additionally, the dentist may recommend other exams or treatments to assess your oral health. If you have any concerns about how your teeth and gums look or feel, bring them up during your appointment so they can be addressed before treatment begins.

Does Sedation Worth It

Sedation dentistry is worth it because of the excellent safety record, low cost compared to surgery, and high success rates. Sedation provides great comfort for patients who are very anxious about dental procedures. Patients who have moderate to severe anxiety can be calmed down quickly with medications that are given orally or intravenously in most cases. The benefits of being relaxed far outweigh any negatives associated with taking a pill or getting an injection before some needed dental work. There are no long-term adverse effects from sedation drugs so people can enjoy their brighter smiles without concern for negative side effects after treatment ends. With all the improvements and enhancements in recent years to sedation methods and anti-anxiety medicines used by dentists, it is now possible for people to receive sedation without dealing with unpleasant side effects that were common in the past.

Sedation dentistry is worth it because research shows that treatment can be safer when medications are used. Untreated dental anxiety has been associated with a greatly increased risk of heart attack and stroke, so properly managing this condition is crucial for general health. It makes sense to improve your ability to deal with any dental fears, but taking pills or getting an injection does not sound very appealing when you need some dental care done quickly. Sedation at the dentist’s office takes away all stress so patients can take care of their teeth without feeling any pain or discomfort.

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